Scrub, Correct Movements, And Other Tips For Those Who Want To Shave Legs Less Often And Forget About Cuts

Date July 18, 2019 17:58

Many modern women have been trying to find a quick, effective, and painless way to remove undesirable hair. Some prefer the ways which are generally less pleasant but yield a longer-lasting result. Others choose the path of least effort and stick with shaving. The greatest disadvantages of this method are skin irritation, a risk of cutting oneself, and the fact that you’ll have to repeat this procedure in a few days. Anyway, in addition to being timesaving, this simple hair removal method will become safe and more efficient if you follow these simple recommendations.

1. Time matters

Some girls think they can shave legs any time and regardless of their environment. But, in fact, it isn’t so. Water and hot steam influence hair everywhere on your body, not exclusively on the head. Higher temperatures soften the hair. Even if you don’t have time to relax in a bathtub before shaving your legs, the result of this procedure will be way better if you take a shower first.

2. Exfoliation

Many women must have noticed that spaces between razor blades become quickly clogged with debris “of unknown origin.” Mostly, it is dead skin flakes, which diminish the effectiveness of shaving and significantly reduce the service life of even most expensive razors or razor heads. It is recommended to use scrubs or other exfoliating cleansers right before shaving. Besides, abrasive particles in such substances will also "lift" the hairs allowing them to be cut as close to the root as possible.

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3. Choice of products

Certainly, we all know that special foams and gels significantly ease shaving, increase its effect, and make you less prone to cuts. What do women do without these products? They simply use soap, which is strongly not recommended. It dries the skin and hardens the hairs. It is better to go with shaving creams, as they have softer action. Or… hair conditioners. These products ensure perfect sliding of the razor. Shaving will be smoother, ergo you will less likely cut yourself.

4. Razors differ

Many of you must have tried various razors – from the cheapest to more expensive ones. The results were mixed and didn’t always meet your expectations. The reason is not the razor’s price or brand.

A good razor has these features:

  • a moveable head with the rounded surface;
  • a practical and soft handle, usually covered with rubber patches;
  • a moderate amount of blades.

The rounded surface of a razor head provides for the best contact with the skin, and if it is also moveable, then this razor is safer than the others. Such models can repeat body contours making cuts less likely. The handle should not be slippery, because it can render it dangerous. We got used to thinking that the number of blades directly corresponds to the quality of the razor: the more – the better. However, razors with lots of blades are designed to cut hairs below the surface of the skin, which can lead to ingrown hairs.

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5. Secrets of correct movements

Most women prefer to shave hairs from the ankle up, in other words – against the grain. It is well known to speed up the process, but some may be unaware that it also irritates the skin. Besides, you will have to work the same area a few times.

Try the following method:

  1. Shave legs along the grain – it will help reduce the amount of the hairs.
  2. Carefully repeat the procedure with short and soft movements in the opposite direction. Try to avoid going over the same area more than 1-2 times.
  3. Wash the blades often. Only clean blades will provide the expected result.

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6. After shaving care

It is no secret that after shaving, legs require care. However, many neglect it, which also has an adverse effect on the skin condition. After the procedure, the skin needs to be thoroughly moisturized. Spend a couple of minutes to use cream, lotion, or balsam. These products will make your legs smoother, reduce the risk of irritation, rash, and prevent hair ingrowth. Hair removal and exfoliation immediately before it make your skin more vulnerable to ultraviolet light. So, in hot seasons, it is recommended to choose skincare products with SPF screens.

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7. Should you shave legs above the knee?

You should always take personal characteristics into consideration when it comes to undesired hair removal. Many women’s thigh hairs are almost invisible, as they are softer and lighter. Generally, every lady decides whether to shave legs above the knee individually. If you are on the fence about whether you should do it or not, take a good look at the hairs. If they are clearly visible in any light, it would be better to get rid of them for aesthetical reasons.

Shaving is wrongly considered a dangerous and ineffective method of hair removal. However, this is the fastest and easiest way. Many problems occur because we fail to consider small details, such as described above. But it is these details that make shaving comfortable, painless, and provide a longer-lasting result.

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