Learn To Stop Premature Aging: How To Figure Out Your Face Is Getting Older

Date July 11, 2018

Every woman faces with the first signs of aging sooner or later. How and at what age they appear depend on a variety of reasons. These include a genetic predisposition to early aging, different types of lifestyles, and often some daily care habits, which, instead of helping us preserve the youth, work against us by adding a few extra years.

Disadvantages of anti-aging cosmetics

Modern cosmetics manufacturers, in particular those intended for skin care, consider not only the purpose of the effect but also take into account the age of consumers. On the one hand, such gradation would be ideal if all women were aging in the same way, according to the same scenario.

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On the other hand, since this is not the case, one should not be afraid to switch to higher age care programs.

1. Tired appearance

In the modern world, not everyone is a lucky enough to have time for rest and sleep. However, if you stick to the usual routine of the day and sleep at least 7-8 hours but still look tired, it is worth thinking about changing the care products.

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2. Skin condition

The following three changed skin conditions prove the fact the aging mechanism has begun:

  • excessive dryness;
  • “tightness” feeling;
  • “parchment effect.”

With age, skin oiliness falls because in youth, we tend to remove that extra shine. The feeling of “tightness” arises most often after washing – sometimes, there is an impression of crack sound if you draw a finger along the surface of the face, similar with touch to an ideally clean dish. Often, this is what precedes the excessive overdrying, which is revealed with flaking, redness, increased sensitivity, and irritability. “The parchment effect” is the state when the skin looks like deep old aged paper.

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To slow down the aging, pay more attention to moisturizing; use soft care products as soon as one of these symptoms is discovered.

3. Circles and bags under the eyes

The skin in the orbital area is much more tender than on any other part of the face and the body in general. Over the years, it gets thinner even more, meaning the blood vessels are more clearly visible underneath it. This is how dark circles develop around the eyes. Even minor swelling indicates it loses its ability to remove excess moisture and requires our help.

It is recommended to give preference to creams rich in hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and glycerol. Anti-inflammatory drugs can help reduce puffiness and blood vessels.

4. Sane cheeks

As a rule, the cheeks are sagging already at a fairly respectable age, but recently, this has also been found among young women. We lose the fatty layer in the face area due to age-related changes depriving the outlines of such pleasant and uniform roundness.

In this case, the problem can be solved by face gymnastics. With the regular workout, the necessary relief is resumed due to muscular and not fatty tissues.

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5. Thin lips

The synthesis of collagen tends to slow down with age, affecting the fullness of the lips. This is why they change their shape over the years. To preserve the skin youthfulness as long as possible, you should carefully protect the skin from direct sunlight. You shouldn’t neglect the face creams and lip balms with SPF filters even during cloudy and winter days.

6. Expanded pores

It’s not a secret for anyone that with age, the pores expand and become more noticeable, especially if the skin is prone to extensive oiliness. Moreover, some people think they also make us look older than we are. Since it is no longer possible to narrow them down to their original state, the only way out is to clean them thoroughly with the help of soft action exfoliators.

7. Thin eyelashes

The constant use of decorative cosmetics and avoiding the means for its removing contribute to the eyelashes thinning. If you notice their density has become much smaller, try restoring conditioners or use the castor oil, ideal for home use.

What habits lead to premature aging?

We all know that the skin ages much faster in case of proper care absence, excessive contact with direct sunlight, and even some everyday habits. However, this is not the only reason why wrinkles appear. While some of them are quite innocuous, at first glance, the following actions are recommended to be abandoned.

1. Sweet tooth

If you constantly pamper yourself with sweets, the body maintains a consistently high sugar level. Not only does this increase the risk of overweight and diabetes but also triggers the glycation process, which disrupts the production of collagen. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity, begins to sag, and becomes covered with wrinkles. Give up sugar as such as you can to avoid this, as you can always sweeten your life with fruits.

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2. Sleeping pose

Many of us like to sleep pressing our faces tightly against the pillow. That’s why your skin looks wrinkled in the morning. To delay aging, you can try to sleep more on your back, and also buy delicate bed linens, for example, pillowcases from fabrics with a satin structure.

3. Low-protein diet

Nutrition programs with a low protein content imply that carbohydrates predominate in the diet, including simple ones that quickly convert to sugar. We already know how it affects the process of collagen production. A balanced diet is of great importance in maintaining the skin youthfulness.

4. Monotonous nutrition

Enough calories is not everything our body might need. To combat premature aging, it also requires antioxidants. Received from fresh fruits and vegetables, they are much more effective while getting into deeper skin layers than those contained in creams. These include lutein, beta-carotene, lycopene and vitamin E.

5. Stress and depression

Adrenaline and cortisol, hormones produced in a stressful condition, contribute to more rapid aging of the entire body and, of course, the skin. They interfere with the normal synthesis of connective tissue fibers, which reduces its elasticity. Depressive states reduce the rate of cell division, which slows down regenerative processes: they die faster than they are restored.

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We tend to associate aging with the appearance of deeper wrinkles and flabbiness, but at this stage, the process is unlikely to be stopped or even slowed down. Rejection of some of the habits as well as more careful skin condition monitoring will allow you to recognize aging at the earlier stage to save your youth longer.

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