3 Zodiac Women Who Play Hardest To Get

Date May 15, 2019

There's a popular opinion that women need to be courted, but it's not always that way. Many people start dating easily and feel comfortable. In this case, the woman will definitely not pick and choose.

3 Zodiac Women Who Play Hardest To Get

Yet, there are those who are really committed to making their potential partner face several challenges before they can finally build a happy relationship. So, we have compiled a list of top-3 women of the zodiac who are extremely hard to get, where men have to put in an enormous effort. Who are they?

3 zodiac women who play hardest to get


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Here the only challenge is that an Aquarius-woman likes to be surprised. But a man needs to be more inventive and go further than just gift-giving; he needs to amaze her with his intelligence or interesting stories, sense of humor, and the ability to handle different life obstacles quickly and efficiently. You can win an Aquarius over with hard work and independence!


3 Zodiac Women Who Play Hardest To Getpisces zodiac sign

This woman is a dreamer who's decided a long time ago what she wants in a relationship, what a man is supposed to do and not do. Only because of being overly dreamy and somewhat out of touch with reality, Pisces often give the man the cold shoulder, making him bang his head against the wall even harder.


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It's impossible to conquer a Leo-woman's heart if you don't shower her with compliments, adoration, and affection. This is the case of when women love with their ears, so Leo's partner better look at her carefully and find all her virtues to have things he can praise about her! But in order to really win her over, he will have to prove that she needs him; he has to be self-sufficient and confident.

3 Zodiac Women Who Play Hardest To Get

As you can see, there are three very different zodiac signs with almost identical problems, but each of them has a slightly different variation. Women, please remember that a man will woo you only as long as he can see that you need it. So don't overdo it when playing hard to get!

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