5 Main Male Insecurities They Will Never Directly Tell You About

Date April 15, 2019 16:57

The human mental state is a very fine and sensitive tool that reacts to various external stimuli. But internal affirmations that people develop throughout their lives are just as important. These include mental issues, which influence the personalities and behavior of men and women alike.

5 Main Male Insecurities They Will Never Directly Tell You Aboutfizkes /

Insecurities spoil men's lives

If it seems to you that all men are strong, have no negative motives, and need no affirmations, then you are wrong. Men don't want to admit it even to themselves that they have insecurities, which is why they try to hide them in every way possible. And some of them have no idea about their existence.

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5 most common insecurities men have include the following.

1. Napoleon complex

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Short men are embarrassed of this fact, especially around people who are taller than them. But along with this, they have huge ambitions and desires to outperform others in some sphere.

2. Dissatisfaction with their weight

More precisely, discontent with the extra weight that mirrors remind them about every time. This leads to thinking about going to the gym. And it happens all the time.

3. Social status

A man is embarrassed to tell a woman at their first meeting that he works as an ordinary engineer, as he desires to have an expensive business card and a personal driver.

4. Baldness

Hair loss is considered a factor that decreases a man's attractiveness for the opposite sex.

5. Pretty women

The fear of striking up a conversation with a stunning woman that has caught their eye literally immobilizes self-conscious men. As a result, they either stay alone or settle for a less attractive option.

As you can see, men also feel insecure about their height, weight, hair. But we love them regardless of their looks, don't we? If you feel loved, comfortable, and secure with him, you simply don't notice any other qualities.

Do you spot insecure men in your social circle?

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