5 Most Enigmatic Zodiac Signs

Date May 2, 2019 15:25

Although there's a great chance that truth will out, it might take a long time before all the details will be completely clear. You must agree, that it's not always nice to live in the dark.

Who are they, the most mysterious zodiac signs?

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Astrology can give you a hint on whether you have people around you who can keep a secret or create one. It's been determined a long time ago which zodiac signs are the most enigmatic.


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Despite their sociability, Aquarians hold a lot inside. They have constant mental activity going on: analyzing, checking, aligning details. That's why you can't always figure out what kind of plan they're hatching.


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Close-mouthed Pisces seem to have been meant for keeping secrets. They don't like letting anyone into their inner world and you can hardly pry any information out of them.


Geminis' biggest secret is how they always manage to come out victors despite the ambiguity of their nature. Maybe it's because their character has two sides, which means they have more resources?


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The representatives of the sign have such an enigmatic way of talking about ordinary things that everyone listens to them open-mouthed. But it doesn't mean that they act in accordance with everything they say.


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Mysteriousness is something that always draws Scorpios. Having mastered it through gigantic effort and manipulations, they become even more cryptic and unpredictable. They never reveal their plans till the very last moment.

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