5 Reasons Really Smart People Find It So Hard To Be Happy

Date April 15, 2019 16:57

Being smart is great and prestigious. And even, somehow, flattering. Especially if the people around consider you to be – the ones who see you as perfection. But is high intelligence always an advantage?

Reasons why smart people may be unhappy

Very few people realize that high intelligence can be a burden for people. And even make them sad, miserable, even if they seem well on the outside – having a family, home, and financial welfare. So what are the reasons?

1. They analyze everything

High IQ level makes them question everything, analyzing and establishing logical connections. Instead, a person simply needs to relax and laugh at a joke, not dig too deep.

2. Aim for high standards

Striving for the best, or even more – perfect – doesn't allow smart people to settle for ordinary things. They consider them to be too imperfect and that's why they can't enjoy them.

3. Lack of communication

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It's hard for them to find a person to talk to with a similar level of intelligence and they don't want to waste their time talking with other people. As a result, they often stay alone.

4. Determination

Smart people always have an aim they want to achieve at a given stage. If something isn't working out, they may get depressed and then their happiness is naturally out of the question.

5. They are too demanding of themselves

5 Reasons Really Smart People Find It So Hard To Be HappyJuice Team /

Heart-searching for self-improvement and getting hung up on past mistakes don't let intelligent people enjoy the moment. Guilt and discontent with their own actions and unfulfilled achievements become their constant companions.

Have you ever happened to see very smart people who are sad, disappointed, and gloomy all the time? If you know such people, then share this information with them. Perhaps, a look from a different angle can help them change, as their intelligence should only be an advantage.

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