Blogger Reckons That Wearing Mini Skirts After 50 Is Okay. Her Followers Agreed!

Date July 15, 2019 16:57

Knowing how to always look stylish isn't based solely upon learning new trends, but also on your internal self-check: what is appropriate for a certain situation and how to combine things. Women over 50 are suggested to be particularly careful when trying to look younger than they are, as it's really easy to overdo it.

There are certain stereotypes as to what clothes women aren't allowed to wear as soon as they reach 35 years old. For instance, T-shirts with sayings, crop tops, tropical print clothes, and leopard print leggings.

This list also includes mini skirts. And this particular piece of clothing became a topic of a heated discussion on the internet. Russian blogger, singer, and producer, 42-year-old Inna Malikova shared her confusion about the comments concerning "inappropriate" pictures and overly revealing stage images on her Instagram page.

As well as generally judging women over 40 who want to wear, let's say, something with cleavage or mini-skirts, however, society already has ingrained taboos about this.

I agree that there should be some limits and aesthetics in everything. I am quite a conservative person myself. But when it's balanced, why should women have to make excuses for their choices and give up their freedom to choose? Moreover, I can't understand why all this negativity comes from other women.

Followers of the popular blogger thanked her for bringing up this topic and supported her.


I agree with everything you say. Your parents are lucky to have such a pretty and beautiful daughter who takes after them.


I totally agree. Women are always jealous of each other, that's why they judge others.


I've always thought "why bother doing leg workouts if you're going to hide them anyway?" Silly, isn't it? Beautiful, lean legs are made to be shown to the world, you're bold enough to do it!

What's your opinion about this? Can you wear mini-skirts if you're 50 or not? Or put on skin-tight dresses? Please, share your thoughts in the comments below.