Cold And Callous: Stone-Hearted Signs Of The Zodiac

Date July 16, 2019

Not all zodiac signs are altogether sweet: some of them are ready to bare their teeth and others are even worse – heartless and cold. It seems like their hearts are made of stone.

So who are they, these cold-hearted and calculating zodiac signs?

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1. Scorpio

This zodiac sign keeps everyone on their toes, friends and enemies alike. They punish with coldness and anger those who don't appeal to them. Their hearts only have a little room for a select few chosen ones. The rest they either ignore or give a cold glance that'll send chills down anyone's spine. Most likely, you wouldn't want to deal with a Scorpio once you see him or her irritated and angry.

Cold And Callous: Stone-Hearted Signs Of The Zodiaczodiac signs with negative energy

2. Taurus

Stubborn cloven-hoofed Taureans resemble Scorpios in their inflexibility, but their fury is much stronger because they don't even attempt to hide it. Also, Taurus people tend to get jealous, throw tantrums, and give the cold shoulder to people they've fought with before. Don't expect mercy or forgiveness, even if they say that you're all good.

Cold And Callous: Stone-Hearted Signs Of The Zodiaczodiac signs with a stone heart, zodiac signs with cold heard

3. Aquarius

It might seem like Aquarius is one of the friendliest zodiac signs. But many people are well-familiar with their tendency to distance themselves and be cold with even their closest ones. Aquarians become dru, indifferent, and emotionless. However, this sign is not spiteful; that's why, after some time, they soon dive into life's whirlwind again, lighthearted and cheerful as ever.

Cold And Callous: Stone-Hearted Signs Of The ZodiacThe woman of this zodiac sign has the most exotic beauty

Your zodiac sign is not a sentence. If you are one of those listed above, don't despair. Even if people think you're cold and unfriendly, just be the first to strike up the conversation. People like it when others show interest in them.

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