Doctors Advised Parents To Pick Male Sex For An Unusual Child. How The Hermaphrodite Is Living Now

Date June 18, 2019

Approximately 1 in 2,000 newborn babies may have a developmental anomaly called hermaphroditism – a simultaneous or consecutive occurrence of both male and female sexual characters and reproductive organs. Parents are offered to make a decision of which organs should be kept, meaning what child they will be raising – a son or a daughter. Sometimes, the situation takes an unexpected turn.

Hermaphrodite Sofia (@tiktaksolove) has told her story about her parents' decision to have a son, made at the suggestion of doctors in 1996, and what it led to.


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From an early age, she felt uncomfortable being a boy. Everything seemed disgusting to her: clothes, games, talking to peers. She didn't even look similar to her male classmates. While dolls and pretty clothes attracted her.


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At about 16 years old, Sofia came to find out what was wrong with her with doctors' help – it turned out that her DNA had predominating female chromosomes, which she felt in her body. Hormone therapy helped her to gain a more feminine shape and the laws allowed her to get a passport with the name Sofia. Now the girl is growing her hair, and openly wears makeup and appropriate clothing.


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But the most important thing is that she has found peace of mind and can tell her story so that parents whose newborns face the same problem could give it a good thought before making the fateful decision for their child.


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Supporting the fact that the issue of hermaphrodites exists everywhere in the world, here is the life story of Australian model, Sophia Young: she had been a girl up to the age of 11, and thereafter a boy.


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Her dream is to be a woman and get rid of all the "male parts."

Have you ever heard such stories before?