Doll Face, Cyborg Strength: Cute Girl Lifts Weights That Some Men Can't Handle

Date May 16, 2019 12:35

CrossFit is a fitness regimen aimed at developing strength and stamina. This sport is unique because it consists of a combination of aerobics, gymnastics, and powerlifting exercises. The foundation of CrossFit is cardiovascular and breathing endurance, muscle stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and precision.

This fitness regimen is popular not only with men, but with some women, too. Marita Berge Næss is one of them. This girl with a babydoll face is on par with "the stronger sex" as far physical potential is concerned, lifting weights that are beyond some men's power!

Marita Berge Næss is a student from the USA who spends most of her time working out. She is destroying the stereotypes about women being weak and does CrossFit 6 times a week. Such intensive training and interest in sport gave her the necessary knowledge about CrossFit to become a top trainer.

Marita works not only on perfecting her own physical potential, but she also helps others who want to have a toned body from avoiding mistakes in the program, as CrossFit is not an entirely safe kind of sport.

Here's one of her intensive leg workouts consisting of an exercise routine that will make your legs burn:

  • 12 sets of burpees;
  • 12 sets of "rowing" exercises on a fitness machine;
  • 16 back squats with 132 lb weight;
  • 60 jump rope double-unders.

Marita spends about 30 minutes on this whole workout. Of course, you can't start following this workout plan without any preparation, we're just showing you a professional's daily routine!

Despite the intensive physical activity that CrossFit involves, Marita looks very feminine. It is clearly visible in the pictures outside the gym, in spite of the rigorous training program, she is just as ladylike and cute. Seems like this girl means business; she wants to become perfect! What do you think about her workouts? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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