From A Double Chin To Sharp Cheekbones! Aspiring Actress Lost Half Of Her Weight In Just 10 Months

Date May 17, 2019

Overweight people are often subjected to criticism. Many people believe that if a person is heavy, it means he/she is simply lazy. But it's not always the case. Despite having an active lifestyle, lots of training, and dancing in her childhood, Gianna Sciortino grew up to be a curvy teenager with a lot of insecurities. Only because of her dream did she manage to turn into a healthy slim girl!

Gianna's weight loss story

Gianna Sciortino was an active child just like her peers. But unlike them, she was imminently putting on weight. Regardless of what Gianna did to try stop it, she continued gaining pounds. Over time, she developed health problems, particularly with hormones, and she stopped having her periods.

At the age of 18, she was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome, which appeared due to severe weight gain.

Gianna was so insecure about herself that she sometimes refused to leave home. She said that guys didn't even speak to her, let alone ask her out.

But in 2017, she underwent gastric sleeve surgery. While this procedure doesn't guarantee weight loss, if you follow a healthy diet and exercise, you can lose weight.

Gianna had enough willpower to change her eating habits. Having a goal must've helped her. She wanted to be an actress, but she felt that she wasn't getting any good roles because of her weight.

Over the course of 10 months, she lost 238 pounds!

Eating habits

Gianna shared with her Instagram followers her meal plan for a typical day. The total calorific value of the food is 1450 kcal. For breakfast, she made herself granola with Greek yogurt, nuts, and fruit. She then snacked on a banana and a small piece of chocolate. For lunch, she had white bread, protein food, an apple, and some corn. And for dinner, she ate a vegetable salad with nuts and olive oil.

Gianna advises everyone who is in the same situation as she once was to set themselves a goal and persevere! It's such an inspiring story, isn't it?

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