Male Microblading: Why An Increasing Number Of Men Get This Procedure Done

Date April 25, 2019

Eyebrows make your face more attractive, complete it, and make expressing your emotions more efficient. The more defined and precise they are, the more people pay attention to you.

But not everyone is fortunate enough to have naturally beautiful eyebrows, so the beauty industry has come up with a microblading technique to help men and women make their faces look groomed. By the way, male microblading is becoming increasingly popular.

Male Microblading: Why An Increasing Number Of Men Get This Procedure DoneSalon Davlyatovuh / YouTube

Microblading involves micropigmentation, which means the coloring pigment is manually applied to the skin using the thinnest needles, following the natural growth direction of your hairs.


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As a result, the eyebrows look almost natural. The procedure itself is less painful compared to the traditional tattooing technique and has a shorter recovery period.


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Men are getting this service increasingly frequently because the desired shape and color of eyebrows give your eyes more expression, drawing more attention to them. For instance, this is how the client looked before the procedure:

Upon completing the procedure, the effect is clearly visible, isn't it?

Men also turn to brow masters because their services help to conceal cosmetic imperfections, scars, or solve the alopecia problem, giving them more thick and noticeable brows. There are men who are simply discontent with the shape or thickness of their eyebrows.

Bear in mind that there is a series of contraindications that need to be taken into account if you want to get microblading done. They need to be discussed with the brow master who offers this service.

How do you generally feel about eyebrow grooming and men's desire to undergo the microblading procedure? Tell us what thoughts you had while reading the article.

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