"My Makeup Takes Up To 2 Hours A Day!" Popular Male Beauty Blogger Talks About Family Rejection, Plastic Surgery, And More

Date June 14, 2019

While all the attention used to be drawn to beautiful women, celebrities, and mothers with many children, now the tendencies are changing. Now the individuals whose popularity is growing are androgynes, drag queens, and gay people. Meet one such popular personality, 22-year-old Andrey Petrov from Russia who is a beauty blogger and an influencer.

Andrey is a guy who wears women's clothes, gives makeup tutorials and reviews for cosmetic products, tells about himself and his life, and enjoys shocking the public. Not everyone understands his artwork. Unfortunately, even his family didn't support him...

Andrey's personal life

The blogger puts on makeup off camera too. His everyday makeup routine takes up to two hours. He believes that his main purpose in life is to show people that they shouldn't follow the stereotypes and established patterns.

Andrey's relatives don't understand his passions. Perhaps they would like to, but it's too difficult for them. He only stays in touch with his cousin.


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Love for makeup

Andrey started using makeup because of skin problems. First, he purchased a foundation for his high school prom, then powder, and then came the rest. Everything started with teenage insecurities, which came and went, but the makeup and love for it stayed.

The blogger is planning to move forward with his YouTube channel and release his own cosmetic line. Let's wish him luck, shall we?