Olympic Reserve: 3 Most Athletic Zodiac Signs

Date March 25, 2019

Reaching success in any kind of sport is hard work that combines self-discipline, diligence, working capacity and ambition. Moreover, you need to add motivation and a good trainer to this list. And that's not all.

Sport and zodiac sign – where's the connection?

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You should pay attention to the fact that your inborn skills and personality traits play a big part in conquering the award stands. And these things, in their turn, depend on your genetics and the stars under which you were born. There are rather athletic zodiac signs and we are about to list them for you.


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Arians' resolute nature will make them do everything just to become "faster, higher, stronger." They are ready to repeatedly overcome barriers, approach the projectile, endure one fight after another. When you are this obsessed, serious injuries are not uncommon; they may even be serious enough to make them bid sport farewell.


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Socially reserved Cancers find an outlet for their accumulated energy in sport, which is why they often break records. They have a preference for individual sports.


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Risk-taking representatives of this sign like to compete and reach their goals, so in sport, they feel just great and achieve great results.

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Along with these signs that you can see basically in any kind of sport, there are also non-athletic ones such as Taurus and Gemini. Their lukewarm relationship with sport doesn't mean that they are guaranteed to be in bad shape. However, they aren't distinctively fit.

Which category do you fall into: sporty or not?

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