Parents Be Warned: Kid Was Swinging For Too Long And It Rushed Blood To His Head, Causing A Bruise

Date July 19, 2019 16:45

Both kids and parents love going to a playground or amusement park. The young ones can run around, have fun, and let their pent-up energy out, and the latter may either join in on the fun or get a chance to rest for a bit while watching their children.

Moms and dads try to keep an eye on their kids to avoid any possible injuries. But the adults don't always realize where the dangers may be hiding. Rebecca Jordan shared one such warning. Her son really loved swings. The boy asked to be spun at maximum speed with his head back.

Once, after another one of such spins, he complained to his mom of trouble breathing, that "his brain hurt," only to then thereafter lose consciousness for some time. The boy was spun so long and fast that it caused the blood to pool in his head, leaving a massive "bruise" on the top of his head.

Fortunately, the medical examination didn't reveal any serious damage, and the boy quickly recovered. Rebecca, however, felt that it's important to share the experience on Facebook, urging parents not to forbid the kids to swing, but to control the time and speed of the spinning to prevent what happened to her son.

By the way, it's possible to get such an injury not only on a swing. Similar injuries are observed in children (mostly babies) who suffer from shaken baby syndrome. This information may be particularly useful for those whose kids or grandkids attend kindergarten or are left with babysitters. It's crucial to remember that its one of the forms of child abuse.

Infants' neck muscles are yet too weak to hold their disproportionally big heads in the correct, stable position. If the baby is shaken a few or even one time, it may lead to irreversible damage and even brain death due to the overflow of blood.

Symptoms of this state include the following:

  • drowsiness;
  • irritability;
  • decreased focus;
  • closed head injury bleeding;
  • decreased appetite;
  • dilated pupils;
  • altered level of consciousness;
  • vomiting;
  • convulsions;
  • breathing problems and irregularities;
  • chest and abdominal injuries;
  • firm fontanel (soft spot);
  • abnormally low blood pressure;
  • posture in which the head is bent back and the back arched.

Parents Be Warned: Kid Was Swinging For Too Long And It Rushed Blood To His Head, Causing A BruiseAntonio Guillem /

The consequences of such excessive shaking may be:

  • subdural hematoma (collection of blood between the surface of the brain and the outer membrane surrounding the brain);
  • internal hemorrhage to the head or eyes;
  • direct trauma to the brain substance;
  • breakage of nerve cell branches;
  • loss of vision and/or hearing;
  • cerebral palsy and other kinds of paralysis;
  • fracture to the skull, spine, and/or collarbone.

Parents Be Warned: Kid Was Swinging For Too Long And It Rushed Blood To His Head, Causing A BruisebabyGOLFX /

A child's body is too fragile to endure such a physical load, that's why it often leads to fatal consequences. The symptoms of shaken baby syndrome usually appear right after the injury and reach their peak 4-6 hours thereafter. Something similar happened to our heroine's son, although there was no shaking or hitting of the head. Nonetheless, we urge you to take into account Rebecca's story and watch carefully what your children are doing on the playground. Stay alert!

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