Student Wanted To Look Like A "Barbie" Doll, But Took It A Bit Too Far

Date June 12, 2019 12:09

Beauty standards are constantly evolving. Each year, the perception of a "normal" look and body build changes. While before, only bold rich girls could afford lip fillers, now it's as easy as doing grocery shopping. And in this way, we are raising the bar of how women should look.

This also happens because of the effects social media has on us. People often post pictures after they've been retouched. It seems to us that we don't look as good and so we rush to the surgeon or cosmetologist to fix it. More and more people strive to match the beautiful pictures on the internet. There are countless amounts of these transformations.

A 21-year-old student from Bulgaria, Andrea Ivanova, decided that she wanted to be jaw-droppingly attractive. She picked the image of a Barbie doll. But, unfortunately, she didn't take into account that the doll never had such pouty lips like she got. Now, Andrea is an internet sensation!

Andrea Ivanova – Bulgarian Barbie

Andrea wanted to get picture-perfect lips. But it always seemed to her that her lips aren't big enough. So she constantly got more and more fillers.

She has also got a boob job.

In total, she has undergone 15 procedures. Though, maybe even more. The girl admits that she has lost count!

In order to maintain her "perfect" image, she has to dye her hair blonde and put on bright makeup with false eyelashes every day.

Look at how the girl looked before. Why did she need to change?

Here are a couple more lip filler lovers. They are completely happy with their looks!

Plastic surgery addiction

Unfortunately, plastic surgery addiction may develop after the first procedure. That's why you should definitely talk to a psychologist before getting serious operations. Perhaps, you won't even need to get any.

Love yourself, don't compare yourself to other people, and you'll be happy! Share this article with friends to warn them about the possible outcome!