Which Character Trait Do Thick And Defined Eyebrows Point To?

Date April 11, 2019 11:17

Thick eyebrows have been trendy for many years. And it's unlikely that anything will drastically change in the near future as the trend for thread thin eyebrows lasted for almost a hundred years. Thin brows sometimes were only traded for natural, yet still thin ones.

At the beginning of the previous century, the gold standard of brows was considered to be the ones of the famous actress Marlene Dietrich. Women sizably plucked their natural eyebrows in order to draw those very thin lines.

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A decade later, the movie star Greta Garbo slightly changed the eyebrow shape, bringing the edges down significantly. Another step towards a natural look was made thanks to Katharine Hepburn in the beginning of 40s. Then, famous Grace Kelly showed that the natural eyebrow shape of a woman is the best fit for her. Do you remember the pretty face of Marilyn Monroe?

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But Brigitte Bardot brought thin eyebrows back into fashion in the 60s, although they were still more natural than those in the 20s. And such swings repeated a few more times.

Today, a natural look has taken over and even the girls with the thickest eyebrows aren't ashamed of them. And besides, brows are a distinctive facial feature and can tell a lot about their owner.

Scientists carried out research and from the results, they were able to conclude: people hiding behind thick, bushy, dark, and defined eyebrows suffer from egomania. The people who were polled guessed them by the trimmed, beautiful eyebrows that those were using to make a good impression, especially at the first meeting.

The ability to sum up a person from first sight helps to build at least an approximate psychological profile, and depending on that, create a behavioral strategy.

Girls with thick eyebrows, do you agree with the scientists? We are also curious about other readers' opinions. Please, share your observation.

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