Woman Tries Trendy Procedure, Fibroblast, And She's Ready To Share Her Experience

Date April 26, 2019

The desire to be beautiful and kempt is natural for any woman regardless of her age. The beauty and cosmetic surgery industries gladly fulfill such requests and keep offering new procedures all the time. One of them is fibroblast for skin lifting.

With the use of a special tool, a cosmetic professional performs a procedure on the client's skin creating an insignificant electrical arc, which instantly shrinks and lifts the targeted area. As a result, the skin gains a more youthful look.

The fibroblast treatment is applied for:

  • eyelid tightening;
  • eliminating skin imperfections (such as post-acne scars);
  • reducing the lines around the mouth;
  • improving the face shape;
  • tightening loose stomach skin after pregnancy.

The positive effect of the lifting procedure can be seen right after the first course, but it should be repeated as it doesn't stop the natural process of aging.


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One of the clients who resolved to get such a procedure in a beauty salon recorded a video. There she shows the whole process of fibroblast treatment and the effect she got after 7 days.

If you want to try this non-surgical skin lift for yourself, you should be prepared for possible consequences. These may include:

  • small carbon crusts that will fall off after 7-10 days;
  • swelling in the eye area, especially after upper eyelid treatment;
  • hyperpigmentation.

In order to avoid serious risks, the procedure must only be done by a certified professional and you should follow his/her recommendations. And, of course, you need to be healthy. Do ask your specialist about the contraindications for the treatment!

We wish you lasting beauty!

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