Mentally Unstable Zodiac Signs: Who Are They?

Date April 22, 2019

How can you avoid a conflict? Learn how to understand people and feel what kind of temper they have from afar.

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Of course, many people find it difficult to control their emotions, they get angry and start a conflict. But astrology will give you a hint on which zodiac signs have an extremely hard time getting hold of their feelings, which is why they can create an uncomfortable atmosphere, as it's so easy to throw them off balance. So, who has the weakest control of their emotions?


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Aries, as a fiery sign representative, gets angry easily and may lash out at the offender. Being so impulsive has no good about it. People of this sign need a lot of time and practice to learn how to fight impulsive emotions, as they are what causes them to lose their friends. Not all of their acquaintances feel nice being around a person who takes everything to heart and may "beat you up" for a bad joke.


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The moment you insult Leo or his/her object of desire, you will be attacked by a ferocious animal which you had better hide from in a car and watch only from behind the glass, like on a safari. In any other case, Leos are rather stable and reasonable, but when it comes to their ego, you are a goner!


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This zodiac sign is just as unstable as Aries. They often happen to be the ringleaders of conflicts, they like to see "the world burn." Due to the difficulty controlling their emotions and their high intelligence, they are the first ones to attack! They aren't afraid of having arguments in public places. In order to have at least some chance of standing up to them, try to react calmly, it will definitely smooth things over!

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As you can see, these three signs are some of the most ill-fated when it comes to controlling their emotions. But practice will not only help them to cool their blood, but it will also improve their overall concentration. As control of emotions requires great self-restraint and responsibility for their actions. Having reached the perfection in terms of self-control, these signs will become ideal!

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