Women Have Made a List Of Unpleasant Men's Habits

Date April 22, 2019 13:56

The differences between men and women manifest themselves not only when it comes to physiological features. We see many things differently, react to happy and sad news, rest and sleep in our own ways. We get accustomed to many of our partners' habits and forgive them for "deviating" from our ideas about the way things should be done.

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We can come to terms with these habits

But there are male habits that are annoying no matter how hard we try to convince ourselves to take it easy, disregard, turn away... On many forums, women have discussed this topics and have made a list of top-5 such habits.

1.  Rude jokes in an all-male company

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Sometimes, jokes can be very critical, sarcastic and ironic. Women would be 100% offended while men just laugh and go on like nothing happened.

2. Refusal to consult a doctor

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When men are sick even when it's just a common cold, it's a problem for the whole family. They are harder to deal with than kids. They refuse to take medicine or visit a doctor.

3. Using women's personal stuff

The most common one is using women's razors. Perhaps, they like the delicate handle?

4. Not asking for further detail

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If the man and his family are invited over for dinner, he will only know the time. How many people will be there, any new people, or whether you should bring any food with you - they never know the answers to any of these questions.

5. Spitting in the streets

All women as one noted this habit because of the unpleasant and inaesthetic feeling it gives them.

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Do you agree with the opinions of female forums users? Are there any irritating male habits you would list and which ones can you deal with? Please, share with us.

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