3 Ordinary Women Who Have Clearly Gone Overboard With Plastic Surgeries For Strange Reasons

Date April 12, 2019 13:38

A mere quarter of a century ago, only few knew about the profession of plastic surgery, and now not only celebrities but also ordinary people resort to their services.

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There may be various reasons for getting for this procedure:

  • correcting physical defects after an injury or surgery;
  • eliminating flaws on the face and body (excess weight, dark circles under the eyes, sagging cheeks, etc.);
  • getting rid of self-esteem issues;
  • changing the biological gender.

There are cases when people get plastic surgeries for reasons that seem very strange. For example, to look like a celebrity, or even Barbie or Ken dolls.

Alena Omovych decided to look like Kim Kardashian in pursuit of Instagram fame. The girl has enlarged her bust, lips, and cheekbones. She copies the celebrity in many things, including revealing photos that she shares on the social network. By the way, she already has over a million followers.

Apparently, Alena’s business is related to advertising, so her plastic surgeries could be considered warranted since they helped her create a certain image.

Olesya Malibu has also gone under a beauty surgeon’s knife to resemble the actresses of the TV series Baywatch and in this way find a rich man.

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Then she changed her mind and tried to get back to her natural looks. She looks better now, but the plastic beauty is still noticeable.

Donna Marie Trego decided that copying Lady Gaga in clothes and makeup wasn’t enough. She wanted the singer’s figure and face, too. She doesn’t regret the fortune spent on the transformation because she is going on tour as a tribute act.

Do you find these reasons good enough for such drastic changes? Would you venture to do something like that?

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