33-Year-Old Receptionist No Longer Wants To Be A Man Or Woman, But Identifies As A Genderless Alien

Date April 4, 2019 16:57

An individual’s gender perception of self that doesn’t match the biological gender assigned at birth leads to transgenderism. Although this is neither a disease nor a disorder, often this discord makes people suffer. Another cause of transgenders’ discomfort is a negative attitude of society, discrimination, and psychological harassment.

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33-year-old Jareth Nebula found himself in an even more difficult situation. Jareth was born a woman but hasn’t always identified as one. At the age of 29, she transitioned to become a man. But after a while, he declared that he did not fit into either of the human genders, but rather identifies as a being from another planet.

To complete the image of otherworldliness and distance from everything human even more, Jareth – or now Nebula – removed the nipples, pierced the nose and lips, and shaves the eyebrows. The barbershop receptionist would rather be referred to as “thing” or “it” than “he” or “she” because Nebula has no gender.

One of Nebula’s arguments to support the unearthliness is the diagnosis of Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a rare condition that makes the skin extra stretchy and joints more mobile. Nebula believes this makes it unlike other humans. And it dresses in neon colors!

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After identifying as an alien, Nebula feels great. But this transition worsened relations with the family. The only place where Nebula is understood and supported is the internet. But Nebula doesn’t intend to cave in. The goal is to become more like an alien every day.

Nebula's self-identification is certainly out of this world. What do you think about this unusual story?

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