Back To The Past? Why More Women Are Switching To Reusable Pads

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June 11, 2019 17:30 By Fabiosa

At all times, women had to use hygienic products to protect their clothes and, of course, reputation from accidental leakage during periods. Moreover, it is believed that over time, these products have become more comfortable, inconspicuous, reliable, almost imperceptible, and less restrictive.


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Today, many women use sanitary pads and tampons and have favorite brands. The main advantages of such products are that they are intended for single use, which seems safer in terms of developing infectious and bacterial diseases. But in recent years, “relics” of the past such as reusable sanitary pads have become increasingly popular.

Before the advent of disposable products around the 1880s, women used cloth pads of factory or hand-made production. Generally, it was a multi-layered material with good absorbing properties that was supposed to be washed after each use.


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Disposable hygiene products almost completely took over during World War I. But, in the mid-1970s, cloth menstrual pads returned. They were cheaper than disposable ones and were in huge demand even in developed countries.

So why did women go back to the practice of their mothers’ and grandmothers’ youth? It turned out that reusable pads have more than one advantage.

  1. They allow the skin to breathe, minimizing the risks of irritation or rash.
  2. They are produced using only natural materials.
  3. Such hygiene products significantly cut expenses.
  4. Reusable cloth pads don’t pose a threat to the environment.
  5. They are no less hygienic and safe than disposable ones, and the process of their cleaning is simpler than many imagine.
  6. Fabric pads are as reliable in protection from leakage as synthetic ones due to softer materials that perfectly mimic the contours of the body.
  7. Due to their air permeability, they don’t store an unpleasant odor.
  8. Unlike disposable ones, reusable pads are easy to reposition on the surface of the underwear if initially placed incorrectly.

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Of course, there are also drawbacks.

  1. At first, you will need time to get used to them and learn to use them correctly to avoid leakage.
  2. You can’t just throw away a cloth pad: you will need to carry it with you. So, almost anyone can accidentally discover your “dirty little secret.”
  3. You will need to watch the condition of the pad just as you do with any other item of clothing.
  4. Hygienic washing becomes even more important in case an infectious or bacterial disease is detected. Neglecting these rules can lead to re-infection.
  5. The initial cost may seem high (but in the long run, the saving is beyond doubt).

It would seem that the industry of hygienic products has already gone too far for the cloth pads to come back, right? But in fact, they have much more advantages than drawbacks. What do you think about reusable pads?

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