Bald With A Stroke Of A Comb: Beauty Blogger's Hair Fell Out While Dyeing Livestream

Date July 9, 2019 14:59

Though hair dye manufacturers assure us that their products are completely harmless, safe, and effective, we mustn’t forget that this is just advertising. Any industrial hair dye is harmful to the hair. Frequent dyeing dries out the hair, making it brittle, lifeless, and split. That’s why all women who aren’t wearing their natural color are strongly recommended to apply moisturizing and nourishing masks regularly after each wash.

Bald With A Stroke Of A Comb: Beauty Blogger's Hair Fell Out While Dyeing Livestreamimfoto /

US beauty blogger Lori Faith used to experiment with a new hair color almost every week. Her hair has been pink, blue, light green, blue, bright orange, and multi-colored. It is easier to name what colors her hair hasn’t been! So, you can see that the influencer isn’t afraid to experiment with her appearance.

Lori ventured on another at-home experiment, streaming the process to her followers live.

This time, the girl decided to bleach her hair completely, removing the pigment. Also, she understandably wanted to soften and straighten her kinky hair with a relaxer.

To apply the product evenly on the hair, Lori ran a comb through it. In a few seconds, she realized that her hair was literally coming off! She ran to the bathroom to wash off the composition, but it was too late. The girl went completely bald. But, fortunately, it’s only temporary.

Of course, Lori was horrified at first, but later found the strength to proudly wear her new look. Now the girl wears wigs or appears before her followers as is.

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