Indonesian Makeup Artist Does All Brides The Same. Do Their Grooms Even Recognize Them?

Date May 17, 2019 12:42

Every woman wants to look flawless at her wedding. For months, girls choose dresses and shoes to match, and each thinks her image through to the tiniest detail. As for makeup, brides-to-be often ask not to go overboard with it, but to simply bring out their merits.

For example, here is Meghan Markle’s wedding makeup.

And here is striking Rose Leslie, who plays in the series Game of Thrones.

But in some countries, brides are unrecognizable at their weddings.

Indonesian makeup

Flamboyant makeup of a bride is an unfailing traditional attribute in Indonesia. Girls wear dresses made of embroidered colored fabrics, and their heads are covered with crowns and scarves instead of veils. Makeup is very thorough: lush false eyelashes, bright shadows, and a thick layer of eyeliner.

Works of a 23-year-old makeup artist from Indonesia

A girl named Ika Langen Rias Pengantin does dramatic makeup for her Indonesian brides. Moreover, it seems that there is a certain pattern in her works. Can you see it? All her clients look like identical sisters after she’s done with them!

And which makeup do you prefer: bright or subtle? Share your opinion in the comments!