“Teacher Should Be A Teacher, Not A Model”: Young Educator Was Rebuked For His Topless Pics On Social Media

Date July 8, 2019 17:40

A teacher is one of the first adults to influence a child during the formation of his or her personality. It is believed that it should be an adult, mature, calm, and trustworthy person. Yet some people have diametrically different concepts of what “maturity and trustworthiness” mean. You may remember a series of scandals from last year, when teachers got slammed for posting photos in swimsuits.

The movement “Teachers are people too” went across the entire country and brought everyone’s attention to the problem of moralization in the field of education. The only thing that we can be certain of is that the key questions are still unanswered. Vyacheslav Posokh, a young English teacher from Perm, Russia, was chastised for being too handsome and nearly seducing female students.

The 27-year-old man bodybuilder has a striking figure, posting topless photos in his personal Instagram account. The pictures shook the internet, prompting an avalanche of indignant comments from parents and other partial people claiming that such behavior is unacceptable for a teacher even on social media and that it compromises the educators in front of children and society.

@Tatiana Malova (Facebook):

The most handsome teacher? Not funny. A teacher should be a teacher, not a model. They’d better recognize the most intelligent or creative one.... What nonsense! He is a really handsome man, but what does it have to do with his profession?

@Katerina Sharoikina (Facebook):

Poor girls, to start an adult life with unrequited love

@Liudmila Khasanova (Facebook):

How about his English?!..

It’s not the looks he’s got to teach...

@mladinskayasvetlana (Instagram):

Lord! What’s going on? The world seems to be going crazy! Who do we entrust with our children? And we still worry about their salary and overwork!

@Bayzet Gasanov (YouTube):

The teacher is a narcissist! You don’t have to flaunt your naked body to instill in children a healthy lifestyle. If you became a teacher – act as one; children are looking up to you. This is called responsibility.

@Rita Amort (Facebook):

A teacher should be smart, not handsome. He’s in the wrong profession.

Twitter, too, has been overtaken by the heated debate: people wonder why women get discriminated against and even fired for candid shots.

Vyacheslav Posokh, the English teacher? Why isn’t he fired already? Cause he is a man?

On the left – Vyacheslav Posokh, an English teacher from Perm. He kept his job, everything is fine.

On the right: Tatiana Kuvshinnikova, a teacher from Barnaul, who got fired for a photo in a dress.

Someone has mentioned that in Vyacheslav’s place, a woman would have been fired.

It would be fair to mention that many people stood up for Mr. Posokh. The main idea of the hunk’s supporters boils down to the following.

@nadya_malaxova (Instagram):

An ordinary person who takes care of himself) well done) many of the comments are out of place. This is completely misinterpreted. Go see his page, he is a very modest but purposeful young man. And yes, he is not gay 🤦🏻‍♀️, he has a wife

The young man is holding well under the attacks, and answered to his critics in the online edition of the local newspaper

On parents:

If children’s parents post photos from a vacation or sauna, how does this differ from a teacher’s photos?

On bloggers, stars, and media personalities:

Why should we expect righteousness and being basically a nun from a teacher, but not from idols of youth?

On stereotypes:

If we lift the curtain just a bit and students see teachers as happy people with their interests, travels, and friends, they will be able to look at this profession not through the prism of a wonderful saying that many parents like to repeat: “He who can does; he who cannot, teaches.”

Do you think it is the lack of censorship of young teachers’ personal photos that is the culprit of the current educational crisis? Or is it that in the midst of a teachers' shortage, they fire those who take care of their appearance?