Twitter Is Buzzing Over The Right Way To Put On A Bra. Everyone Does It Their Own Way!

Date April 5, 2019 14:24

There are many things that we do automatically, without thinking, relying on muscle memory. Say, putting on a bra – your hands already know the drill... But it turns out that each woman does it differently! Now, before we proceed, we ask you to recall for a moment how you put on a bra.

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Twitter is abuzz with this discussion right now. User @nakaimosu offered two ways of putting on a bra and asked who uses which one. The tweet has already collected 11,000 likes, more than 1,300 retweets, and some 4,000 comments!

Opinions divided. Supporters of the first option insist that this is the only correct way. But there are many women who don’t mind spending a few seconds looking for hooks behind the back.

There have been clever answers as well. For example, putting on a clasped bra over your head like a shirt or stepping into it like a skirt. But in these cases, there is an issue of rapid wear of the delicate item due to stretching.

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The bra manufacturers, in their turn, offer their own idea of how to put on a bra. To clasp it on the first hooks – that is, not very tight – so that when the fabric stretches, you can tighten it up. The same with the straps – it’s better to gradually tighten them.

You wouldn’t believe, but this instruction sparked a whole different discussion among social network users!

Twitter Is Buzzing Over The Right Way To Put On A Bra. Everyone Does It Their Own Way!

How do you put on a bra? Let's have our own survey to settle it once and for all.

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