XXS To Curvaceous Beauty. Which Way Does The Model Look Better: Before Or After?

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March 14, 2019 21:58 By Fabiosa

The movement of body positivity aimed at shattering all imposed standards of beauty is gaining new ground. Women are so fond of it because you can stop worrying about fitting certain parameters to feel good about yourself.

Iskra Lawrence, a plus-size model, is a good example of self-acceptance. She told her story of external and internal transformation during the National Eating Disorders Awareness Week.


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To meet the requirements of the modeling business, the girl was obsessed with her weight and appearance. She was exhausted from constant dieting and often experienced dizziness and blurred vision. Ignoring the signs her body sent her, she was still upset because of her imperfection.


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It is hard to tell what would have happened if Iskra hadn’t realized that she developed body dysmorphia – a mental disorder in which a person is overly concerned about a perceived defect or flaw of the body that others may not even notice. She finally quit the diets and restrictions that were harmful to her health.


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The formerly thin model turned into a curvaceous beauty and fell in love with her new self. She says that now, she feels more attractive than ever:

I know now that my body is mine and therefore perfectly imperfect and my home to be cherished.

Now Iskra Lawrence does not airbrush cellulite on her photos and shows her true self inspiring other women to love themselves too.


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By sharing her story, Iskra wants as many people as possible to embrace their uniqueness and give up on exhausting diets before developing mental or eating disorders.


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Which Iskra do you like better: the slender model or the curvy beauty?

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