436-Lb Woman Lost More Than Half Of Her Weight Because Of Her Promise To Her Mother

Date April 23, 2019 15:14

Almost every woman at one point faces the problem of being overweight. Some begin to work hard on themselves while others just let the things go their natural way. This often happens because they think that working to shed the extra pounds is too hard.

Heather Goodwin has always suffered from obesity. She tried different diets, nutritional supplements for weight loss, and sports, but everything was in vain. Eventually, she was surrounded by an unpleasant atmosphere while growing up, with constantly teasing at school. Her parents, instead of helping her change her eating habits, just continued to neglect the problem, saying their daughter was just fat. Heather became reserved; she struggled with depression by snacking in front of the TV, pretending she felt comfortable. Over the years, the amount of medicines in her routine became more extensive and diverse.

Heather made the decision to stop when she was over 40. By that time, the mother-of-two already weighed 436 lb.

She could have likely continued neglecting her obesity problem if it wasn't for her mother’s help. Shortly before her death, the woman asked Heather not to let her life fall apart. The girl made a promise and began to work on its fulfillment.

She said “no” to ineffective diets and changed her eating habits completely. The woman abandoned fast food. Her diet was very simple: it consisted only of food of plant origin and whole grains.

Considering how many times Heather broke down and returned to fast food, she developed a set of rules that helped her adhere to the discipline.

  1. Buy only healthy foods.
  2. Plan and prepare food in advance.
  3. Don’t go to restaurants too often.
  4. Don’t blame yourself for a "breakdown," but also don't indulge yourself in old eating habits.
  5. Move towards your goal.

Heather lost almost 300 lb and in the process got rid of several diseases that had plagued her for years. But what was the reason for such weight gain in the first place?

Food addiction is a common disorder characterized by an unhealthy desire to consume as much food as possible. Such people often prefer unhealthy fried foods with a high content of fat, sweets, and carbonated drinks. Craving for certain foods when a person doesn’t feel hunger, together with a tendency to blame and justify yourself for overeating are the main symptoms of this disorder. As a rule, people can’t control themselves and often hide from others what and how much they eat.

This adversely affects both physical and mental health, self-esteem, and can also increase the risk of premature death. Although some people may need the help of experts (nutritionists and psychologists), most problems can be solved by making a firm decision to abandon harmful products and setting a tangible goal.

The benefits of abandoning an unhealthy lifestyle are obvious: improved well-being, longer life expectancy, the ability to wear beautiful clothes, and feel attractive. No one has ever been harmed from abandoning the cookies. So, if you know anybody with a severe eating disorder, share this article with them to inspire toward a life-changing decision.

The material in this article is for informational purposes only and does not replace the advice of a certified specialist.