45 Lb In 4 Months: The Girl Transformed From Couch Potato Into Fitness Model After Giving Up Alcohol

Date March 27, 2019

Incredible weight loss stories are both inspiring and frightening at the same time. In most cases, this means you need to change your life completely. The reasons for losing weight are different for everyone, but the main ones are the desire to stay healthy and live a fulfilled life.

Jelly Devote (real name Asa English) is a young Swedish fitness model that inspires thousands of subscribers to lead a healthy lifestyle. Her figure looks divine, but few would have guessed that several years earlier she looked like a completely different person.

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Like many young people, when Jelly was 21, she enjoyed treating herself with junk food and other student joys. However, having looked at her beach photo with different eyes, the girl decided she needed to change. An additional drive to change her life's direction were the words of her grandmother, who noted that Devote had gained extra weight.

First, the girl completely eliminated alcohol from her diet and balanced her nutrition, abandoning fast food and semi-finished products. This helped her get rid of 45 lb in just 4 months, and a little later she lost additional 20. Along with changing her eating habits, Jelly took to exercise. She also started cooking, carefully choosing only healthy products for her table.

Fitness gradually became one of the main girl’s interests. Seeing her own transformation, which was the result of extreme workouts, the girl decided to create an Instagram blog to motivate other people to lead a healthy lifestyle.

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Although after her dramatic transformation, Jelly looks amazing, she regularly shares photos of her 20-year-old herself, recalling how bad habits affect the body.

Devote began to develop training programs and provide recommendations on balanced diets, based on personal experience. Her job was to make people believe in themselves and change not for the sake of others, but for their own health and happiness.

People like Jelly argue that you are the master of your own body. You can find excuses for yourself and make promises to take care of your health and body, but ultimately, the best time to start working on yourself is right now! Don’t be a lazy couch potato – start shaping your body!

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