5 Female Haircuts That Don’t Actually Appeal To Men

Date March 27, 2019 10:36

Men have always found women’s hair one of their main advantages. However, the desire to follow fashion trends sometimes turns out to be a complete failure.

Let's figure out what hairstyles men consider strange and off-putting.

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5 female hairstyles that men don't really like

1. Pixie


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Some men find short haircuts daring and very attractive, but others associate them with a motherly image. Most of them agree that such girls don’t look feminine, elegant, or romantic enough.

2. High ponytail

Girls consider such hairstyle very comfortable, but men find it too simple and restrained.

3. Messy bun


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If you want to attract men’s attention, such a hairstyle isn’t the best decision. Men find neatly collected hair much more appealing. They are unlikely to appreciate the mess on your head.

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4. Shaggy bob


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Men find this haircut unkempt and strange. On a scale of attractiveness, men usually rate it only 4 out of 10.

5. Hair extensions


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Long hair is the dream of many girls, but men shared they don’t like to stroke the curls of their darling and feel all these capsules and hairpins.

Well, now you know what the majority of men think about these popular haircuts. Do you find them attractive? Share your opinions in the comments!

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