Beauty Experiment: What Would Happen If You Don’t Use Cosmetics For 2 Years?

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April 12, 2019 18:18 By Fabiosa

You don’t need to be a beauty blogger to understand how important it is to take care of your face. After a hard working day, you need to remember a number of basic rules you obtained after entering into “a serious relationship” with your cosmetic bag: washing off cosmetics and applying a moisturizer. But what would happen if you stop using beauty aids altogether?

Beauty Experiment: What Would Happen If You Don’t Use Cosmetics For 2 Years?Robert Przybysz /

Two years ago, Edith Zimmerman, wellness editor of The Cut magazine, started an experiment to improve her skin condition, which was exposed to rashes and reddening. First, Edith refrained from alcohol, and then from the daily sacred ritual – makeup. The first results were evident. Edith now had more free morning and evening time and also strengthened her self-esteem.

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Now I just wash my face with water, once a day, at night, in the shower.

Apart from cutting out cosmetics, Edith also abandoned junk food, began to consume less sugar, and added healthy foods to her diet. She also started to play sports. Her skin condition has improved drastically.

Twitter users immediately rushed to comment on Edith's experiment and talk about how they take care of their skin:

An expert dermatologist told Edith that sometimes, simple washing may not be enough if a person lives in a polluted city with a lot of dust and other waste in the air. A dermatologist recommended using mild cleansers, as well as warm water for washing instead of hot or cold.

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Edith doesn’t plan to return to the skin care products, as her refusal from cosmetics showed several advantages, including confidence and acceptance of herself.

Despite Edith’s experience, each woman should carefully consider the needs of the skin, selecting the appropriate care that she requires. It is also important to remember that healthy skin is guaranteed not only by beauty products or absence thereof, but also by proper nutrition, exercise, and ditching of bad habits.

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