Born As A Country Boy To Become A Top Class Burlesque Dancer: Cassandra Cass’ Incredible Transgender Story

Date June 7, 2019

Modern parents always strive to provide children with more opportunities. The principles of gender-neutral upbringing are gaining increased popularity nowadays, primarily aimed at allowing the child to reach his or her full potential. Today, graceful girls can work as plumbers while ripped young men can work as fitness models, and there is nothing wrong with that. Does it make these people stop identifying with the gender they were born with?

At the same time, a few may sooner or later realize that they have been living in the wrong body for years. While some parents try to understand and accept this, others consider this to be something abnormal and even shameful for the whole family. Such a misunderstanding was the beginning of the story for one of the most famous burlesque dancers – Cassandra Cass.

This charming blonde with curvy forms is a TV and reality show star. Her appearances fill huge halls. But the success and harmony she has now were the result of a long and challenging life path.

Few people know that Cassandra spent her childhood in Iowa village and she was actually a shy boy. By the way, no data on her birth and real name have ever been disclosed. We only know that the boy was brought up in the family of a football coach, and his father was a rather despotic man. While the mother, who already passed away from cancer, accepted and supported her son’s aspirations, the father was against his desire to become a woman.

Cassandra left her home when she was only 18. Already in Florida, she became an actress in a popular burlesque show. She started, like many, with the usual procedures: dressed up in women's clothes, put on makeup, and did various hairstyles. Florida inspired the young man to make his willful decision come true, so he followed the dream.

His transformation was gradual. In order to turn into Cassandra, it took more than one year and about $250K to go undergosurgical intervention of the face, breasts, and buttocks. As a result, he always felt it was worth it to become what he always wanted to be – a gorgeous woman.

In addition to active work in showbiz, Cassandra also conducts social activities, in particular, supports people like her, actively fighting for their rights.

It isn’t her fault that she was born in a male body. She didn’t want to suffer for nature’s cruel “joke.” No one can ever discriminate against transgender people, condemn them, or restrict their rights. After all, everyone wants to be happy and become the one they have always dreamed of. Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments.