Female Bodybuilders Pose In Dresses. Such Blend Of Power And Tenderness Makes You Look Twice!

Date April 25, 2019 11:13

Most women can’t live without dresses. When you put it on, your manner of walking changes immediately. A beautiful dress makes you straighten your back and keep your posture. You start feeling more confident, especially when you receive compliments from others. Moreover, it is delightful to know that dresses suit absolutely everyone: tall and short, slender and plus-size, and even girls with lots of muscles. Don’t believe us? We have prepared a compilation of bodybuilder photos to prove this to you. The first pictures show them in gym and others – in fashionable clothes. Just look at how these girls transform beyond recognition!

Bodybuilders in dresses

1. Sweet Korean, Jhi Yeon Woo

2. Here is mother-of-4, Sarah Burke. Looks fantastic!


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3. Gorgeous! Here's Angela Yeo

4. Forever-young, Elizabeth Bradshaw

5. Would you choose such a personal trainer?


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6. Real-life amazon, Nataliya Kuznetsova

7. Inspirational! Kristina Nicole Mendoza

Most often, bodybuilder women wear sportswear, as they spend most of their life in the gym. But rare public appearances may require a special outfit. These girls look great in both.