Girl Wore The Same Suit For 2 Months! The Results Of Her Experiment Are Impressive

Date March 27, 2019

“What should I wear today?” – the most popular question among women. However, what if you reduce your choices to one suit to avoid suffering the difficult dilemma. A popular fashion blogger conducted an experiment and decided to wear her favorite red suit for various events for 2 months. What could she eventually receive from this: condemnation, discomfort, inconsistency? Here are the results of the experiment.

Marina Testino has thousands of followers on her Instagram. The distinctive feature that differentiates her from other fashion bloggers is that she not only exhibits glamorous photos but also addresses an urgent issue of modern society – excessive consumption.

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This time, she decided to conduct an experiment and wear her favorite red suit for two months. Marina chose an outfit of such “appealing color” to draw maximum attention to her experiment!

She began to have more time because now she didn’t have to spend hours choosing outfits. She was always accompanied by her new loyal friend – the red suit. Of course, she regularly washed it, because the project shouldn’t need to affect her personal hygiene.

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The blogger photographed herself with the suit at various events. Eventually, she turned out to feel confident and comfortable everywhere: at work, at parties, and on everyday walks.

The key point that she found out is this: people don’t care what you wear. The main thing is your personal feeling of comfort from wearing your favorite clothes.

By the end of the experiment, Marina wanted to change her outfit, but she understood an important thing: you need to focus not on the quantity of clothes, but on the comfort and confidence that the look provides you with. The blogger suggests spending less money on different clothes and opting for your favorite pieces to feel confident and comfortable!

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