Girls With Impressive Six-Packs Were Mocked On The Internet. A Brilliant Answer Shut The Haters Down!

Date June 5, 2019 17:02

Body shaming is discrimination against people who don’t fit into the generally accepted standards of beauty. Very often, critics target obese people with their reproaches. Although the slim ones, for some reason, may also suffer from harassment. But it is especially surprising when people of sports physique experience this as well. It would seem they can find nothing to criticize here. However, the situation is a bit different!

Internet critics

After the summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, gymnasts Simone Biles, Madison Kocian, and Aly Raisman decided to enjoy the white Brazilian beach and take some photos in swimming suits. 

Most people admired the girls’ figures and were inspired by their physique.


I wish I had abs like that!


I now realize I have to work out.

But unreasonable criticism can appear in the most unexpected places. Some people considered the girls unattractive and disgusting.


Does anybody else think a six pack look weird in a bikini?


Y'all find this attractive? Lmaaoo.

However, Crystal Mac Duffy decided to shut up all the unsatisfied comments and gave a very cool response to all of them.

They're the best gymnasts in the world. I promise you, they didn't get those abs to impress you.

Later she added:

Everything women do is not for male consumption or approval. Be it in sports, politics, business, and more, women continually seem to be evaluated based upon whether they're attractive in a man's eyes.

Our life will be better if everyone paid more attention to themselves and stop criticizing others. We are all different, and it is beautiful. There are no people better or worse than us – we are all unique! Every person who is in harmony with his or her own body is beautiful. Do you agree? Share your thoughts in the comments.