"I Am Not An Escort!" Girl Is Proud To Earn A Living By Cohabiting With Senior Wealthy Men

Date March 22, 2019

The pretty girl in the photo below is Simone Toon. She leads a glamorous lifestyle, although she doesn’t work anywhere. Has a rich family member left her an inheritance? Nope. Simone visits glamorous parties, buys designer bags, shoes, and travels to exotic countries, thanks to wealthy “sponsors.” The life of the 25-year-old girl is funded by sugar daddies under the age of 62 who pay for all her whims.

Simone Toon’s story

Only generous senior men attract Simone. She says she would never meet a poor loser. She isn’t embarrassed that her sponsors can well serve as her fathers.

The glamorous girl wakes up around noon, visits the gym, goes to the solarium or gets a manicure, and meets with friends in a cafe. Simone never does the cooking herself. In the evening, she dresses up like a princess and goes to expensive restaurants.

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Every other day, Toon indulges herself in shopping. She can afford a brand new handbag once a week. Simone says that the most generous gift she has received thus far was a car.

The girl's family reacted to her lifestyle with understanding and even made friends with one of her men.

Simone claims she isn’t an escort. The girl has long relationships with men and doesn’t agree on intimacy on first dates.

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Toon says that although people condemn her, she doesn’t pay attention to them.

Want to learn more about Simone’s story and see her face without “upgrades?” Check out the video below!

Lara Frost’s story

By the way, there are a lot of girls who lead such a lifestyle. For example, Lara Frost openly declares that she is a kept woman and considers it reasonable. In her opinion, to get a rich man, you need to take care of yourself. Her appearance is now “worth” about $45,000.


Публикация от Lara Frost (@lara.f777)

Do you think this is normal to live as a kept person, being financed by other people if they aren’t against it? What would you advise girls who don’t want to work? Share your opinions in the comments!

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