Modeling Career Helped A 22-Year-Old Man Accept His Rare Illness

Date March 25, 2019 13:32

When you are different from others, accepting yourself as you are can sometimes be a complicated task. It is especially tricky in a psychological way because your interaction with the world depends directly on this. This is exactly what 22-year-old Brooks Ginnan from New York had to go through.


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The guy was born with a rare genetic disease – ectodermal dysplasia. It is manifested in the abnormalities of hair, teeth, and sweat glands, and affects other aspects of life.

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It wasn’t comfortable for him to be among his peers with such an unusual appearance as a child. He hated looking in the mirror. Once Brooks grew older, he became seriously interested in music. He plays the guitar and writes lyrical songs. He is quite a famous person in his creative surrounding and a frequent guest at music festivals.


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Recently, Ginnan found a new direction for self-realization – he was invited to act as a model for fantasy photo sessions.

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After that, he was also invited to star in the short film – Seven of Diamonds.

Brooks receives many compliments from fans about his musical skills and transformation talent on his Instagram.


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This is how an unusual disease became his ticket to the world of art and creativity. And most importantly, it allowed Brooks to accept himself and increase his self-confidence.

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