Most Men Wouldn't Dare Confront This Woman! Who Is She And Why Is She So Ripped?

Date March 22, 2019 15:45

Anna Kurkurina has been repeatedly recognized as the strongest woman on the planet. The size of her muscles is really impressive. However, this wasn’t always the case. She can confidently say that she has shaped herself from scratch!


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As a child, Anna was a rather weak girl and had a non-standard figure – she hid her broad shoulders and narrow hips under baggy clothes. After graduating from school, she entered the Biology Department in a local university and followed it by working at the zoo as a zootechnician.

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Anna always liked her job because she has loved animals since childhood. However, it was quite physically exhausting since she had to clean cages, carry heavy objects, and take care of animals.

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Anna realized that if she wanted to increase her stamina, she would need to take up exercise. She signed up at the gym for aerobics. Soon, this turned out to be not enough for her. Anna began to work out in the gym along with men.


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Anna quickly mastered the training, and soon began to help coaches build plans for individual workouts. Anna and sport have been inseparable since 1998. The woman fulfilled her old dream: she opened her own gym. In addition, she leads a YouTube channel and teaches her subscribers to work out at home.


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In addition to training, Anna encourages people to switch to healthy lifestyles, providing a lot of advantages for doubters.

She was repeatedly recognized as the most powerful woman not only in her country but also on the entire planet!


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When Anna is told that she looks like a man, she either laughs it off or answers:

I am the strongest woman – how else should I look? Dystrophy? How would I do benchpresses then?

As you see, appearance isn’t the most important thing. It is much more essential what kind of person you are; whether kindness, willingness to help people, and sense of humor are your priority character traits.

What do you think about Anna? Would you dare work out to such an extent? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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