Never Too Late: 626-Pound Woman Impressed Netizens With Her Desire To Lose Weight

Date March 7, 2019

The most incredible motivational weight-loss stories are now all over the internet, especially when it comes to more than a hundred pounds. These people make the decision to fight their weight struggle at all costs, with various motivations. Leneathra Reed found the motivation in her daughter who became the stimulus to accomplish an extremely difficult task.

With an astounding weight of 626 lb, the woman couldn’t live a full life: she was constantly tormented by breathing problems and limited mobility. However, her 2-year-old daughter became her main incentive for losing weight. Leneathra simply couldn’t imagine someone raising her child if she died of obesity-related health problems.

I couldn't get down on the floor and play with her... even giving her a bath was a challenge.

Even though her weight was already considered extreme, Reid decided to prove herself and the entire world that nothing is impossible. Not every trainer would take the responsibility to work with a person with such a large number of extra pounds, but Frank Harbin is specialized in helping obese people.

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In just two months, Leneathra lost 29 lb. Even though this wasn’t a noticeable amount, she mentioned feeling a greater lightness in her body. Frank doesn’t stop encouraging Leneathra.

As she started being more mobile and seeing results, her determination got stronger and stronger and now she's doing whatever it takes to live for her daughter.

Her workout is an alternation of cardio and power loads. She exercises with Harbin 3-4 times a week. Some sessions are held in the Total Body Transformation Gym, others in the fresh air with improvised materials. Watch how Leneathra deals with a car tire and a heavy hammer!

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Well, such exercises don’t require expensive gyms, and much time to reach them, does it? You just need to make yourself do it!

Leneathra’s goal is to weigh 175 lb. For this, she needs to lose almost 440 lb! The woman is no longer worried about others’ opinion. She shares the photos of her workouts on social networks to prove there is nothing impossible for a person who has realized the problem and decided to eliminate it.

It really touches my heart. It makes me nervous to put myself out there and be vulnerable to criticism, but as far as the support, it's really heartwarming because that's what I set out to do is inspire others.

There is still a lot of work ahead for Leneathra, but we believe that this amazing woman will eventually succeed in her transformation.

So many people with far fewer extra pounds have given up their dreams and ignored any possible changes. Laziness, self-pity, and disbelief are the main reasons that stop people. Leneathra Reed has shown there is no critical point of no return: each person is a master of his own destiny and body. It’s only up to you to decide if you want to change.

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