Not Only For Women: Why More And More Men Resort To Breast Surgery Today

Date March 27, 2019 12:06

Not only women tend to worry about their figure and excess weight. Men also try to keep themselves fit: they visit the gym and stick to a healthy diet.

Not Only For Women: Why More And More Men Resort To Breast Surgery TodayDaniel Krason /

In particular, many men are worried about their enlarged breasts. Sometimes, this happens due to hormonal imbalances, genetics, or weight fluctuations, which can lead to an increase in the mammary glands – gynecomastia. According to the Cleveland Clinical Medical Journal, this problem affects between 30 and 50% of all healthy men.

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At the same time, male breasts are often detected by elemental fat deposition. Men can develop a complex about this, feel self-conscious, and underestimate their self-esteem.


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Some choose an easy way out, and instead of working hard in the gym, they do plastic surgery, removing fat deposits on the chest. This particular problem makes the affected men resort to modern methods of treatment offered by plastic surgeons.

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If your husband has a similar problem and wants to deal with it, advise him to work on strengthening his chest muscles with the help of cycling, swimming, jogging, or walking.


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You can visit the gym, where a professional trainer will focus on power exercises such as bench pressing.

In any case, physical activity and healthy nutrition is always a helpful way out. You just need to be energetic, active, and determined!

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