Sausage Lips: A Woman Decided To Increase Her Lips At Home, But They Got Incredibly Swollen

Date May 14, 2019 16:31

The beauty sphere develops rapidly year after year. Many women are ready to do everything to adjust themselves to modern standards. They have creative manicures done, buy expensive creams, prick fillers, and in some cases, are ready for plastic surgery. Unfortunately, the result doesn’t always meet their expectations.

Christina Burton wanted beautiful plump lips. She found a cheap specialist who helped her realize the idea. However, it all went wrong.

Christina's experience

Christina Burton from the UK received a lifelong lesson. She decided to have an injection to increase her lips. But instead of finding a professional, she invited a cosmetologist who did the procedure for only $100 at her home.

Something went wrong from the very beginning of the procedure. The girl applied a numbing gel on Christine's lips. But for some reason, they began to swell. The beautician said this was a normal reaction and injected a filler. 

A few hours later, the lips got unbelievably swollen. Christine found it difficult to breathe, so she had to call an ambulance. It turned out that she had an allergic reaction.

Christine's lips hurt so much that she thought they would burst. Moreover, her friends thought it was Photoshop when they saw the photo. 

How to choose a beautician

To avoid similar incidents, you should check for the following when choosing a beautician:

  1. All procedures must be performed in-office with a license, not at home.
  2. The injection should be done by a certified doctor.
  3. If the procedure is cheaper than in other salons, you need to be alert.
  4. Be sure to ask for quality certificates.
  5. If possible, go to a trusted specialist at your friends’ recommendations.
  6. Ask for feedback about the salon and read reviews about the specialist on the internet.

Sausage Lips: A Woman Decided To Increase Her Lips At Home, But They Got Incredibly Swollenmgallar /

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