Strawberries Aren’t Always Beneficial For Everyone. Should You Risk Your Health?

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June 11, 2019 16:10 By Fabiosa

A lot of people associate the beginning of summer with strawberries. They adore it for its distinctive aroma and taste! People are ready to eat pounds of this fragrant berry, forgetting about everything else. Of course, unless overeaten, strawberries have several useful properties. Mind you, there are contraindications that must also be remembered.

Strawberry’s benefits

Strawberries Aren’t Always Beneficial For Everyone. Should You Risk Your Health?KatyaPulina /

The presence of antioxidants, flavonoids, polyphenols, and potassium makes strawberry an excellent therapeutic measure to reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Strawberry fiber has a beneficial effect on minimizing constipation, helps fill the body with moisture, and regulates blood sugar levels.

The presence of folic acid makes it useful for pregnant women. And a few more essential points: strawberry strengthens bones, is good for vision, and improves memory.

Strawberry’s possible harm

With numerous obvious advantages, it is worth remembering that strawberry takes first place in the environmental rating of the "dirty dozen" because of pesticides on it, which are used to control pests to increase yields. Berries are attractive for insects, birds, and rodents.

You should consume strawberries carefully if you're receiving antihypertensive therapy, as it can enhance the effect of medicine and lower blood pressure.

People with gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, or kidney disease should refrain from eating strawberries.

Strawberries Aren’t Always Beneficial For Everyone. Should You Risk Your Health?GBALLGIGGSPHOTO /

Finally, little kids and breastfeeding mothers should also keep in mind that it is a strong allergen.


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With thoughtful choice of products for your diet, you can get useful substances with fruits and vegetables that won’t harm your health. Make sure you get enough vitamins during the season!

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