Whom Do “Beaus” Consider To Be “Freaks”? Dating Site Revealed Who Doesn’t Meet Their Standards

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June 12, 2019 15:44 By Fabiosa

While earlier, people met each other in reality – for example, at work or among friends – nowadays, many prefer to do it on the web. And not so much due to laziness or curiosity, but because of lack of time and the desire to find out something about a person before the first meeting.

Dating sites are becoming increasingly popular. They offer their users extensive databases and search capabilities. Another thing that makes them so popular among people is that almost anyone can sign up. However, as it turns out, not all can fit the standards.

In May 2019, the popular resource BeautifulPeople.com created several restrictions for men and women, identifying the “ugliest” features of their appearance. After the announcement, many could get the impression that they wanted to create something like a closed group on the basis of “ideal” people.

So, men found women unattractive if they possessed the following traits:

  • big nose;
  • overweight or underweight;
  • excessively thick eyebrows;
  • imperfect, male figure;
  • ugly teeth and mouth shape;
  • bad makeup;
  • too wide or close-set eyes.

The “ugliest” men’s traits, according to the registered women, are:

  • large or imperfect nose;
  • overweight or underweight;
  • small stature;
  • unattractive mouth (too small, with bad teeth or inappropriate lip shape);
  • untidy or sparse hair, bald patches;
  • poor nails;
  • poor posture;
  • problem skin;
  • too much facial and body hair.

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As was expected, this caused a wave of negative comments:

@Penny Hatter:

One of my biggest turn offs is those people feel they are so much more attractive than others and make judgments about it.

@ Lori Lauck

Judgmental people! 😁

@Brittany Ericksen

I've learned that if someone doesn't like how I look it basically means they just don't like my Genotype/Phenotype and I don't care because I already know I have bad genes and am never reproducing anyway.


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@Beverly Endicott:

Wrong title for that dating site. It should say Narcissistic People dating themselves because they’re perfect.

@Kristen Kurtz McDow:

I don’t know about you, but vanity is uglier than appearance.

@Javaneh Fennell:

Boring people. Anyone can be attractive if they have a good personality that fits yours.

In theory, anyone can use a dating site. After all, people choose with whom and how they should communicate. Of course, such resources may deny you access if their rules are openly violated, for example, abusive or inappropriate images, comments, messages, etc. But it’s not for other users to decide.

On the other hand, all of this could be a joke, but from 2002 to 2019, BeautifulPeople.com, according to the mentioned sources, denied access to more than 8 million people, finding them not attractive enough.

Each of us has our own idea of ​​beauty, especially since such standards become more and more blurred every year. But this doesn’t mean that people who don’t appeal to us or who don’t have the most correct proportions in any way are ugly or unworthy of being part of a social group. What do you think about this?