Your Eyes Are Blue? Scientists Expressed An Intriguing Hypothesis About Your Origin

Date April 11, 2019 15:06

All people on the planet are related to each other to some extent. Moreover, those who look similar to us and have the same features will obviously have something in common. Luckily, modern science allows us to prove something we could have only guessed about.

Scientists from the University of Copenhagen supposed that blue eyes appeared as a result of a certain genetic mutation. It occurred about 6,000 – 10,000 years ago. The study was conducted among residents of Jordan, Denmark, and Turkey.

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Initially, all people had brown eyes, according to scientists. Then there were green ones – the color depends on the amount of melanin in the iris. However, soon there was a mutation affecting one of the genes in the chromosomes, which is responsible for the ability to "produce" brown eyes. As a result, another “switch” gene appeared next to it, reducing melanin production and leading to the substitution of brown eyes with blue ones.

Based on the results, scientists have concluded this genetic mutation occurs in the same place of DNA, meaning all people with blue eyes have one common ancestor.

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Perhaps, this happened when people first migrated from Africa to Europe because only Europeans now have blue eyes. Moreover, in general, there are only 8% of people with this color in the world.


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Some of the most exciting features of the blue-eyed people:

  • can see better in the dark;
  • are more sensitive to bright daylight;
  • often have a red-eye effect in the photos;
  • are excellent strategists and thinkers.

What do you think about the assumption of a single blue-eyed ancestor? Would you like to get acquainted with your distant relatives, regardless of eye color? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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