How Insecure Women Dress: Signs That Instantly Give Them Away

Date July 22, 2019 12:30

No woman would like to admit that she has insecurities, although every one of us may feel self-conscious at some point in our lives and it's alright. You can try to cover your issues up with self-control, stress-resistance, and sometimes by being assertive and even somewhat rude. But very few women realize that it's the clothes that most often give them away.

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What is insecurity generally? It is the perception of yourself through the prism of what impression we make on the people around us. But the things is that we don't think much about the most important part: all of this only exists in our mind. As a rule, we couldn't care less about some random passers-by, and snarky comments are usually greatly exaggerated.

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But, it's time to look into your closet and make sure your clothes don't scream that you're a self-conscious woman.

1. Colors

Those of us who don't care much about public opinion feel equally comfortable wearing any color. An insecure woman has mostly dark and grey colors in her wardrobe. The reason for this is that she is trying to blend in with the crowd and not draw any attention to herself.

2. Oversized clothes

Classically beautiful girls may also be insecure about their looks. Insecure women who in fact have great figures often consider themselves either too fat or skinny, which makes them want to hide underneath baggy oversized clothes. Of course, you might simply like this rugged style, but a confident woman will not dress herself only in robes all the time.

3. Mom-look

Not everyone manages to find their own style, even after many years. Some rely on their mothers' fashion taste and there's nothing wrong with that – up to a certain age. But if you're over 40, and you still look like your own mother or don't keep track of fashion trends, it's high time you reassess your wardrobe situation.

4. No golden mean

Dressing overly simple or overusing accessories, as well as makeup, are equally bad choices. Those who refrain from makeup and pretty hairstyles, once again, are trying to blend in with the crowd. Women who put on everything they have, on the contrary, are doing their best to prove that they don't have a million issues. When in reality, they do.

There aren't many people capable of loving and accepting themselves with all their real and imaginary flaws. But take a look around: we see thousands of faces every day and we don't remember them. A stranger's glance you accidentally catch might mean absolutely nothing. It's just our insecurities that make us cringe and try to become even more inconspicuous. But will the fleeting emotion of a complete stranger play a significant part in our lives? Or will the way we look or behave somehow have any impact whatsoever on other people in the future? Highly unlikely.

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Since childhood, we've been helpfully cited by good examples and taught to compare ourselves with others, causing us to develop issues. And it makes us take things even closer to heart as the years pass – things that are absolutely insignificant to everyone but us.

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We need to stop being afraid of other people's judgements and ridicule, and work on our own style. Experiment, combine, try on different looks, and fearlessly look other people in the eye as if saying, "I am my own person." At the end of the day, the most important thing is to be yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin, right?