Strawberry Season! How To Chose Rich And Ripe Berry

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June 7, 2018 13:26 By Fabiosa

Strawberry lovers are aware that the season starts at the beginning of May and ends in July. It's possible to find it after; however, this will be no longer that ripe, big, and satisfying not only to eat the berry but to hold it in hands. Sure, much depends on the region. For example, there are those with favorable conditions for growing and imported ones.

Wherever you are, it's important to realize what kind of strawberry is decent to be bought. How to choose it - this is what we are going to talk about next. What to pay attention to?


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Take strawberries with a flower-stalk. If you don't see a green "tail," there is a possibility that it was cropped long ago. All this time, it's just been waiting to be delivered.


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Exclusively strawberry! There is no flavor of soil or dampness because it would mean the berry was chemicalized. There can be no other option, since its scent is strong and pleasant.

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No prize for guessing that strawberry must be delicious. When you go to the market with a purpose to buy it, grab a bottle of cold water with you. This way, you can wash the berry and try it at once, which saves money as you choose the one you will eat with pleasure. 

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It is critical to understand that there are many types of strawberry; therefore, thinking it should have only one color is not right. Deep-red or dark-red will do. Vinous color, as a rule, means the berry is overripen.

On the other hand, too dark and springy strawberry is usually chemicalized.


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Same as color, it mainly depends on the sort and conditions. However, when you see it unrealistically big and visually perfect - don't buy it. The rule comes from pearls - they can't be equal.


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We mentioned those criteria you need to check, but there is one more, the most evident one, which should prevent you from buying strawberries - spots and marks. When you take it from the water, you see crumbly uninviting berries. If it's sear, why buy it? Pick the ones matching all the criteria!

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