This Cheese Map Will Help You Understand Where Each Type Fits Better

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July 11, 2018 17:18 By Fabiosa

Do you remember the beloved cartoon character Roquefort from “Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers”? Would you like to be like him? We don’t mean becoming fat, growing a red mustache, and a long tail. This guy knew a lot about cheese! The abundance of aromas and flavors allows everyone to choose a favorite type that will take its rightful place in the refrigerator. However, we recommend not to be limited to only one, as cheeses differ not only by their names. They have different fat percentages, predominant notes in the taste, producing countries, and even destination.

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Today, we are talking about the features of different cheese types. There are four distinguished flavors worth mentioning – hot, sweet, sour, salty. Depending on this, you can choose an appropriate cheese for different dishes. Pizza prefers different types; desserts would better use sweet ones; soups would taste well with salty or hot.

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Cheeses are also divided into soft, brine and hard / semi-hard. If this product is a typical guest on your table and you are interested to know a little more details about its varieties, we suggest paying attention to the following cheese map.

With this information in mind, you can clearly understand what kind of cheese is better for using in different dishes and whether they are suitable for you depending on the fat content. Even a sandwich for breakfast could actually be quite high in calories if you chose the wrong type of cheese.

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Pay attention to what sorts are best for sauces, pastries, desserts, soups, salads, toasts, pancakes, pasta and other dishes. With the map’s help, you will be able to orient better in the cheese world. Understanding how this product combines with other ingredients will also help make truly delicious and interesting dishes. Bon Appetite!

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