Net Users Shared Their Weight Loss Techniques. Which One Is The Most Effective?

Date November 13, 2018 10:33

Most of us likely dream of getting rid of that extra weight fast and with no significant effort, though it's almost impossible. We keep on wondering what weight loss method is the most effective and will help achieve visible results in the shortest time possible. This topic is still a subject of much contention, even though some have managed to find an ideal option for themselves.

We have picked for you pictures of 10 people who managed to get fit. So what did they do and how long did it take them to reach such stunning results?

1. Proper nutrition and a personal trainer – 88 lbs loss over 1 year

My weight loss journey

2. Fitness and protein diet, with large amounts of vegetables and fruit – 44 lbs loss over 4 months

F/29/5'8" [204lbs > 167lbs = 37lbs] Going on 4 months now. from r/progresspics

3. Jogging, protein diet, and fitness – 139 lbs over 1 year

F/25/5’2” [240lbs > 100lbs = 140lbs] 1 year of discipline and motivation from r/progresspics

4. Sport – 79 lbs over 10 months

I did a thing!

5. Low-carb diet and cardio – 51 lbs loss

F/40/5'3"[211lbs>160lbs=51lbs] Weight loss journey with Cardio and cutting Carbs from r/progresspics

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6. Fitness and counting calories – 106 lbs loss over 1 year

1 Year Weight Loss Anniversary

7. Walking and a vegetarian diet – 119 lbs loss over 9 months

F/23/5’6” [310 > 190 = 120lbs] 9 months. I went WFPB and I’m a dog walker who walks 10+ miles daily. from r/progresspics

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8. Fitness, small portions, and walking – 220 lbs loss over 3 years


A post shared by Александра Осипова (@sashaosip95) on


A post shared by Александра Осипова (@sashaosip95) on

9. A healthy diet and exercise – 73 lbs loss over 18 months


A post shared by Julia (@julesfit.journey) on

10. Weight-lifting and vegetables – 143 lbs loss over 1 year

Face to face Friday! 1 year difference 147 lbs gone forever. Stay motivated! Anything is possible and I want to help others do the same. Wfpb vegan and weight lifting from r/gastricsleeve

Whose transformation has inspired you? Which method is the most difficult in your opinion? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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