5 Habits That Lead To Saggy Breasts

Date November 5, 2018 09:30

Your breasts lose their elasticity with age and there's not much you can do about it. Unfortunately, the tissue of this body part deteriorates faster than others. While you can’t change human genetics, however, you can keep your breasts looking good for longer.

The bad news is there is no magic pill or exercise that would make deflated breasts perky again.

But don’t despair – there’s also good news! You can prevent premature drooping of this delicate part by following this action plan, which, by the way, is beneficial for the whole body.

Get rid of a few everyday habits and keep one of the most attractive parts of your body firm and young

1. Say no to uncomfortable bras

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This is one of the most common causes of saggy breasts. Most bras are made of elastic materials that wear out and stretch over time. This is the reason why they can no longer serve their main purpose – supporting your breasts. Without it, your skin stretches as it has to carry a big load. So it’s crucial that you choose the right cup size. Your breasts should fit securely, and the straps and lower part of the bra should be appropriate for your body measurements.

2. Give up smoking

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Smoking devitalizes your skin, making it lose elasticity, which leads to deflation of breasts (amongst other things). When you smoke, your body stops producing collagen and your blood flow decreases. Your skin becomes thin, dry, and deteriorates faster.

3. Avoid yo-yo diets

5 Habits That Lead To Saggy Breasts15 foods that take care of your heart and decrease the risk of heart attacks

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For beautiful and healthy breasts, it’s necessary to have a balanced diet. Suddenly losing weight and then putting it back on has a negative impact on the state of your skin and breasts. The skin of your breasts stretches when you gain weight as there’s extra fatty tissue to hold. That’s why you should either try to maintain consistent weight or alter your diet progressively.

4. Protect yourself from UV rays

5 Habits That Lead To Saggy Breasts

Cleavage gets burned faster than any other part of your body. It’s easily affected by UV. Sunburn is a highway to premature aging. Protect yourself from the sun; don’t show too much skin. Remember that sunscreen helps a lot, but it’s not a magic wand, so it’s not capable of keeping you completely safe.

5. Exercise and watch your posture

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If you want to have toned chest muscles, you need to do physical exercises. However, some exercises are not beneficial for the skin on your chest. For instance, running and jumping weaken the breasts, so you need to provide it with proper support during workouts. Remember to also watch your posture during the day, being careful to not slouch while sitting and walking.

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If you eliminate the bad habits, form new, healthier ones, and follow this simple routine, you will improve not only the way your breasts look but make your overall health better.

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